Unlocking the Door: My Journey with Yuva Unstoppable

Jaanki Parmar’s study haven and her goal sheet

New Delhi (India), September 18: In the heart of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, amidst the bustling streets and crowded slums, lies a story of determination, resilience, and the life-changing power of education. I am Jaanki Parmar, and I want to share my journey as a student who received a scholarship from the Amitabh Shah founder Yuva Unstoppable—a journey that transformed my life from darkness to light.

“The day I received my acceptance letter of becoming a Yuva Unstoppable scholar, my life changed forever. This opportunity has become my guiding star.” – these words of scholar Jaanki Parmar, age 18, residing in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, resonate with the aims and aspirations of Yuva Unstoppable, an NGO aiming to provide the brightest minds with the opportunity to pursue their education without the burden of monetary requirements.

My story begins in an extremely impoverished background, where my family of six struggled to make ends meet. My father toiled as a daily wage labourer, and every day was a battle against poverty. Completing my Std. X education seemed like an impossible dream, but with the aid of a local charity, I managed to continue my studies in a government school. Despite the challenging circumstances at home, I was determined to excel in my studies. With sheer grit and self-discipline, I managed to secure an impressive 93% through self-teaching. Education became my lifeline, my ticket out of poverty.

It was during my Std. XI that I first heard about the Yuva Unstoppable scholarship program. Their team visited my school, and I learned about a scholarship that could make my dream of pursuing medical entrance coaching a reality. It was an opportunity I desperately needed but couldn’t afford. With the encouragement of my teacher, I applied for the scholarship got selected, it felt like a ray of sunshine piercing through the darkness. The scholarship was not just a financial lifeline; it was a lifeline for my dream.

Jaanki comes from a background where opportunities are scarce, and dreams often remain just that—dreams. Amitabh Shah the Founder of Yuva Unstoppable, envisions, “This scheme, just doesn’t provide financial support; it opens doors that children don’t know exist. It is not about financial aid, it is about nurturing the potential of youth, about unlocking a world of possibilities for them”.

My family lives in an unbelievably small one-room home in a slum in Ahmedabad. When the Yuva Unstoppable team visited my home, they were shocked by the circumstances in which we lived. But they didn’t just offer sympathy; they offered practical help. They provided me with a laptop and one-year data connectivity to ensure I could manage my studies effectively. For me, the Yuva Unstoppable scholarship has been more than just financial support; it has been an emotional anchor. They’ve seen my family through some of our darkest times, providing not just resources but also hope and encouragement.

In the corner of our one-room home, I’ve carved out a little study haven. On a blank piece of paper, I’ve written my goals—goals that were once distant stars but are now within reach, thanks to the scholarship and my relentless perseverance. As Amitabh Shah puts across “Developing the youth is not just an investment in individuals, it is an investment in the future of India”.

My journey with Yuva Unstoppable has transformed me from a girl with dreams into a young woman with a purpose. I am not just a recipient of their scholarship; I am a testament to the life-changing impact of scholarships and the unwavering belief in the potential of the youth. My journey is proof that with the right support, even the humblest beginnings can lead to a future filled with possibilities.

Embark upon this journey with Amitabh Shah and Yuva Unstoppable – where the path maybe demanding, but the impact is immeasurable.

To know more about Yuva Unstoppable, visit www.yuvaunstoppable.org 

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