Bring the art of Snac-king to your screens!

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New Delhi (India), May 28: When it comes to catching the eyes of the consumer on social media, generating digital content that interacts, digital content that stands out is a necessity, and in a continuously transforming platform, generating such content acts as quite a challenge, which brands and their digital partners are taking on quite comprehensively.

Snac Atac, a famous snack manufacturing brand based out of Ahmedabad, has veered towards taking the wacky and fervent approach on their social media platforms, with close support from their digital partner’s Communication Crafts. What truly stands out in their social media marketing campaigns is the yearning to consistently do something out of the ordinary.

Be it their language, out-of-the-box visuals, or pop-age inspired colour scheme, the Snac Atac social media ecosystem is garnering huge responses on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, especially from the Gen-Y and Gen-Z. This has led them to triple their reach and follower base in the past six months and easily breach the 10K barrier. The Cornado community, or ‘Cornado Fam’ as they call it, is growing rapidly even as you read this.

They kicked off the year with their ‘Bhookh Uda De!’ campaign, a combination of distinct visuals portraying situations that combine hunger and the feeling of ‘getting blown away, along with their catchy and quirky taglines. The campaign garnered incredible responses on social media and was the bugle to Cornado announcing their presence on social media.

Mr Shrenik Chowdhary, the Director of Snac Atac elaborates on this thought – “The first thing we wanted to do was build a strong connect with the youth in this country. We, along with our digital partners, Communication Crafts, created a persona and visual identity for the brand, which would leave a strong impression in the minds of Gen-Y and Gen-Z. Over the last six months, we have garnered huge success, not only on social media, but it has also positively impacted our sales and expansion. We’re proud to be one of the few snacking brands in the country to have our passionate community, and we intend to build upon it exponentially.”

The age of new-age snacking has just begun, and social media is about to play a pivotal role in defining snacking habits and preferences of people across the world, especially the youth. Snac Atac just got the ball rolling, and we’re mighty impressed!

You can learn more about Snac Atac on their website

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