Sultan Productions releases the new single ‘Mera Ho Ke Bhi Mujhse’

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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 16: In this world where music is the heart and soul of the glamour industry, the Sultan brothers have produced and presented their new soulful releases aiming to provide top-notch content and keeping the audience entertained.

Ali Abbas and Ali Akbar Sultan, the duo producers, have been focused on making exceptional content in the category of films, ott and music. With their recently released single they have created music that has been widely loved and appreciated by the film and music fraternity and their fans alike! It was a beautiful rendition by their new singer Imran Abidi. Imran Abidi is in-house talent signed by the duo producers in their artist management company “Think Big Entertainment”. The lyrics and music are equally soothing in this heartfelt track.

The Sultans say, “The expectations from the fans are always high and we too are very demanding of ourselves. We are passionate about our work and have always tried to raise the bar of excellence with our every release. One of the most exciting aspects of this music single is that Imran represents the pain in such a beautiful way in this piece of art! This brought us joy when we were recording this song!”

The duo producers have launched another single of their music, “Khoon Ke Nishaan”. The magic of this song captures you and keeps you mesmerised. The composition along with the lyrics and Waqar Khan’s soothing voice takes you to another dimension. On the whole, this latest single release is a new level of perfection.

Ali Akbar quotes, “Music is the strongest form of magic. Music plays a very important role in our emotional, intellectual, and even physical lives and we at Sultan Productions are working on more soulful music for the years to come.”

Ali Abbas quotes, “To always raise the bar with good quality contents for our audience is our aim at Sultan Productions.”

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