Exciting Free Summer camp of 2022 conducted by E Junior Preschool

March 1: Beginning pre-school is a big event for every kid and their respective parents. Even the kids need to get used to the new people, and a different home environment can present an overwhelming experience for the kids. The prep may start a couple of months before frantic parents start searching for the best preschools for the wards to begin their important milestones. You can end your search here at E Junior Preschool.

The education system is evolving over the years; children’s learning imparted to children has seen a significant shift. With the advent of technology, more children can avail themselves of education easily. An educational institution like ours has now understood that they have to keep up with the times and make changes in the school systems. E Junior Preschool aims to improve the way schools can make students’ learning progress much more fun and more comfortable than before. With a well-organized environment, the students will be able to thrive better. Children at this age will grasp language and math skills well. Our teachers provide interesting activities surrounding these subjects. It is fun for them to understand the concept yet not feel the burden of learning the subject as part of the curriculum.

Here, the E Junior Preschool has made all arrangements to get your kids into the fun start to their academic beginning after a couple of years of schools closing down due to the pandemic. Now that the kiddos can get back to some fun and learning with interesting activities that will charge them up and set up for the joining fun year of learning. Hence a cool free summer camp that children will love to participate which will set them up before the new academic year begins.

We also have an online free refresher program for the kids from pre-nursery to kindergarten to continue learning and not miss out when they are eventually ready to come back to school. The e junior preschool provides them with a link to get started.
Free Summer camp activities.

We hold an exciting free summer camp every year, but this will be the first one after two years. A free camp held for children below six years of age involving several activities will enable the kids to join the mainstream after a tumultuous year of isolation and no social contact. Hence, we begin with yoga and meditation. Then we get the fun part where we encourage latent talents such as singing and dancing. There will be storytelling activities that help them be creative and participate with enthusiasm.
Art and craft classes are fun when the kids make interesting patterns and designs. There is a special personality development session that will help build the character of the child who will become the future responsible citizen of the country. Among all the fun, we haven’t forgotten to include phonics practice learning sounds, brain games and many more that will not only keep them occupied but get their mind  busy.

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