Unprecedented changes worldwide, begin from April 2022, predicts Ultimate Astrologer

February 18: “We are living in very interesting times, unlike any other period in documented human history. This is Yug Parivartan, the Change of Era claims Nitin Bohra, Founder and Chief Astrologer of Ultimate Astrologer, World’s First and Only AI-enabled Vedic Astrology advisory service based out of Navi Mumbai.

Without blinking an eye, in absolute neutral facial expression, the Astro geek quips, The Shift in our Lives is going to be huge in the coming few months. Nothing like what we have encountered, ever before. Bigger than Covid or anything we have known to date. The reason is that all the 9 designated Planets of the Vedic Astrology are changing their signs or houses in one month, i.e. April 2022 itself, which will then be followed by 2 eclipses back to back next month in May 2022. Any astrologer will vouch that the transition of even one Big Planet is considered a Big Event in Astrology, and here all nine are changing in one month itself. Just imagine the energy surge that will get created in the universe due to this massive house shifting by all the heavenly bodies at the same time. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered the Big 4 of Vedic Astrology who always have a massive impact on our lives, including Mortals and Timeless ones.

He further adds We are about to enter the Samudra Manthan era as mentioned in our Scriptures. The time has come for a significant paradigm shift in how the world operates and we live our lives. Important Technological Changes, Unimaginable reforms in Law, Politics and Environmental Changes worldwide shall mark the coming times. The Changes will be vast and fast, the ones which we have never encountered ever before. The reason being many, apart from Saturn’s Transit to Aquarius and Jupiter in Pisces, which are their own houses, Rahu will be transiting in Aries, which is the first Rashi of the Kalpurush Kundli, making a marked shift in the thinking pattern of humanity. Saturn, the most critical planet signifying change in Astrology, earlier transited to its own sign, Capricorn in Jan 2020 which gave Covid to the world and now it is shifting to another sign Aquarius, which also has happened to be its sign. Saturn’s transition is the most crucial one because it transits back after 30 years in the same character, and it remains for around two and half years in one sign, and this time, it’s going to be path-breaking because of reasons already listed above.

Chaos followed by exponential growth shall be the flavour of the times. Wars, Diseases and huge Population reduction due to multiple reasons, unwitnessed in the course of humanity shall happen in the coming years. However, not everyone has to worry. The coming times shall also bring multiple golden opportunities for many, depending on the alignment of stars in their individual horoscopes.

As per Bohra, the problem with currently prevailing astrologers is the flawed methodology, with no structured approach and lack of any Big Data or algos at their perusal, ultimately hampering the accuracy in predictions while analysing an individual’s horoscope. Pained by this, he took it upon himself to learn astrology and change the whole way this subject is approached.

Having developed Structured Methodologies with Proprietary Algorithms in Astrology backed by Big Data, the man is on a mission to decode the whole uncertainty quotient of Human Life from the perspective of Stars in the most scientific and reasonable manner.

The Combination of AI with a holistic depth of Human Intellect makes the predictions of this advisory service a thing to swear by. As per him, there are many astrologers and astrology service providers in India and the world, but no one has approached this subject. Knowledge backed by Methodology and Technology distinguishes this service from other contemporary astrologers and similar service providers. Clients from all walks of life, big and small, swear by their predictions making this Astrology Service the last resort to decoding uncertainty.

The icing on the cake is that all their astrological consultations come in Writing, done in the most structured plus judicious manner with Triple Factor Authentication and are backed by 100% Money Back Guarantee.

One can experience this service by visiting their website www.ultimateastrologer.com or connecting with them on Whatsapp No. +91 9769285262 or else a simple Google Search by the name of Ultimate Astrologer shall help you connect.

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