Speedforce is All Set to Take Over India With its exceptional Automobile Services

February 18: SpeedForce empowers automobile owners across India with the highest quality and standard automobile services. With the ultimate goal to establish a two-wheeler multi-brand centre, a model initiative, all over India.

In the present times, the ever-escalating pandemic has become a catalyst for the severe economic crisis in the country, especially in the case of the automobile industry. However, one industry that has managed to survive this overpowering toll of the pandemic is the service industry. And, despite the present scenario of the automobile industry, the service sector of the industry is still on the rise.

In most Indian cities, almost every other person owns a vehicle, be it a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler, there is definitely a good number of them on the road. As more and more people are buying new vehicles for themselves, the need for automobile service centres is also rising. The low quality of fuel in India, the poorly constructed roads, untrained drivers, and accidental situations have only escalated the need for multi-brand service centres such as the Speedforce across India.

Speedforce is an established multi-brand two-wheeler service centre with over 200+ franchises in 3 Countries, over 27 states and 100+ big cities across India. Their primary focus is to not only serve their customers in the shortest time frame but to also organize the unorganized automobile service sector in the country by creating multiple employment opportunities for the youth as well as the disrupted Indian economy at large.

Speedforce is a reliable, cost-effective, transparent, and basically a one-stop solution that caters to two-wheeler service needs. They help repair and maintain the two-wheeler vehicles at genuine prices to make them fit for driving on the road again. The main objective is to set the highest quality and standard two-wheeler services in the two-wheeler business by offering them a one-of-a-kind service experience.

Over the years, Speedforce has become a trusted brand among thousands of Indian citizens and in the automobile industry mainly because they provide quality two-wheeler repair and maintenance services to their customers. Other services include layout preparation, site selection, workforce training, inauguration, supply of tools and equipment, installation of tools and equipment, all stationery, branding, marketing, audits, and regular visits to their franchise owners.

Speedforce has franchises in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, but a total of 27 States, 100+ cities, and 200 + franchise outlets with a presence in 3 countries. A low capital investment of INR 8,00,000/- along with GST is needed to get a franchise of Speedforce. With Head Office located in Vadodara, Gujarat.

This business was founded in 2011 by three partners with diverse skill sets and extensive expertise in their fields; we have operated our own workshops for five years & found a large gap in the automobile two-wheeler service industry & this is where we found new opportunities to serve end-user of two-wheeler & in 2017 we came into franchisee business.

Our management team consists of the following individuals:

Mr. Deepen Barai: Describes himself as an “Entrepreneur Inventor,” a master of networks, and a man of all seasons, having worked with companies such as Reliance Life Insurance, Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, and Bajaj Allianz. With a long-term vision, he leaves no stone unturned in making Speedforce a huge success. Franchise sales and networking are two areas in which he excels. In Speedforce, he is in charge of sales and networking.

Mr. Kapil Bhindi: He has very dynamic experience at various levels, having worked in the Banking, Finance, and Insurance industry and taking care of sales and operations at a middle-level management profile. As a result of his experience and strength, he has played an integral part in the smooth functioning of the organisation by taking care of Franchisee Sales, Daily Operations, and other aspects of the company.

Mr. Ashok M Shah: The tech master and an individual with more than 26 years of experience working with Bajaj Automobiles at regional level service in various regions of the country, Mr. Shah is in charge of the organization’s complete technological component.

Overall, Speedforce is a brand that helps entrepreneurs expand through its experienced team and strong management, which combines youth and expertise, which is rare in these times.

The growing sales of automobiles, the rising market growth rate of two-wheeler sales, and a great multi-brand service ratio, as well as satisfaction level, clearly advocate for Speedforce’s franchisee expansion to more Indian states and cities in the near future.