Spark Minda CEO Neeraj Sharan warns Customers to Beware of Counterfeit Products

New Delhi (India), February 9: After a Delhi Police raid on January 25 seized counterfeit Spark Minda products worth Rs. 10 lakh from a basement in the North-West Delhi’s Bhorgarh Industrial Area, the Minda Corporation has enhanced its vigil against infringement of its brand value. In this regard, the company officials are in regular touch with the authorities, including the police, to ensure that such nefarious practices are curbed in time and the customers’ hard-earned money isn’t spent on counterfeit products.

The said raid was a part of Delhi Police’s anti-counterfeit operations and it was initiated on the directions of the Hon’ble Delhi High Court through a Court-appointed Local Commissioner. The seized products included huge quantities of lubricant oil, 10,000+ units of Spark Minda marketing collaterals, 3,500+ units of packaging material, and a Minda automatic batch-code machine. The products seized during the raid were manufactured under the brand names “Spark Minda” and “Minda.” The said premises have been sealed for now by the Delhi Police.

Speaking on the matter, Neeraj Sharan, CEO (Aftermarket Division), said, “Infringement is a serious concern across industries; there is a need to collectively address the issue of counterfeits. Through our sources, we came across such illicit activity and decided to take stringent action against companies engaged in malefic activities against the brand SPARK MINDA. It will be our endeavour to make sure all infringed products are eradicated from circulating in the market under our brand name.”

He urged the customers to beware of purchasing counterfeit products, which are available in the market today. Sharan said, “We are making every effort to ensure that the counterfeit products or infringed products do not reach the customers. Meanwhile, I would urge buyers of the Spark Minda products to ensure that they are purchasing from authorized dealers only.”

He also revealed that over past decades, Spark Minda, which has vowed to deliver the best quality products to its clients, has faced an onslaught from counterfeiters threatening to tarnish their brand value. However, the firm remains committed to protect its brand value and cooperating with the authorities in nabbing those indulging in such activities. The raid conducted in January was a part of Minda Corporation’s same commitment, said CEO Sharan.

Spark Minda, earlier known as Minda Group, is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive components for the OEMs in the world. The US $507 mn group employs 16,000+ people while catering to manufacturers of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, off-road vehicles, and Tier 1 manufacturers too. The company is present in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, US and Japan. Their 450 dealers-strong network makes Spark Minda an enviable entity and, thus, attractive to counterfeit manufacturers.