Harshit Mehta and Hasti Mehta – The young and talented singers

November 17: Children are gifted; they learn things quickly and with greater interest and concentration when they begin to learn something. Many great people began their careers at a young age, developed a strong interest in, and rose to great heights in their chosen field. Actors like Kamal Hassan and Sridevi have acted as child artists, and the Academy Award winner A.R. Rahman started playing the keyboard at just 4 years old. Hasti Mehta and Harshit Mehta are two child artists who took their first steps to be added to this list. Hasti Mehta is 14 years old, while Harshit Mehta is 13 years old. They have ventured into the fields of singing and composing at a very young age in order to pursue their dreams.

Their recent album “Bada Sohna Hagda” was released on YouTube and garnered many positive reviews, and both of them were receiving appreciations from many people. Deblina Mukherjee worked as the music director for the song, while Shubham wrote beautiful lyrics. Besides great music and meaningful lyrics, the visuals of the song have also added grandeur to the song. There are some particular shots where the faces of the actors are shown through enclosed surfaces. These are technically well handled by Abhinav Raste. The song was released through the renowned Raga Music Productions.

Harshit and Hasti hail from Sangli, a beautiful place located on the banks of the river Krishna and well known as the Turmeric City of Maharashtra due to its production of the spice. They shot the entire song in places in and around Sangli. People have gathered in huge numbers to see the proceedings and the shooting; they have enjoyed watching them dance and vibe to the song. Some of them were fascinated by learning about the difficulty of shooting a song and the number of takes required to get a perfect take. When asked about the experience of making the album, the team has responded positively, saying that they have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process right from the beginning to the end. They believed that their sincere efforts and hard work would definitely attract the audience, and they were confident that their outcome was worthy of it.

Singing is Hasti and Harshit’s passion, and they enjoy doing it all the time. After school, they spend time practising singing and honing their skills. They are ecstatic that their parents are so proud of them and happy for them, especially after seeing their progress and exceptional abilities. They are elated with their social media presence and confident in their future prospects. Hasti and Harshit are so down to earth that they don’t brag about their achievements but maintain close relationships with their friends. They also say that their friends are extremely helpful and supportive, encouraging them to make more videos and being very enthusiastic about their upcoming projects.

These two kids, along with music director Deblina, proved that sincere efforts never go in vain. The song is receiving positive reviews, and the views are increasing rapidly day by day. This fueled their enthusiasm for their upcoming projects and gave them confidence that they would also receive a great response from the audience.

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