Mega fruit tree plantation drive commenced for preserving natural habitat for animals

  • A sustenance movement inspired by Mohanji and being led by Ammucare Charitable Trust in India and ACT Foundation globally.
  • Drive to provide fruits of kindness to generations of beings beyond species; aiming to complete the 1L mark by the end of 2021                                                                                 

New Delhi [India], August 12: Increasing deforestation and disturbances to ecological balance by humans has affected wildlife and beings of forests. Mohanji, a humanitarian and founder of various non-profit movements across the world, has inspired Ammucare Charitable Trust, a non-profit founded by him in 2003, to launch a sustenance movement called Fruit Tree Plantation Drive that will have an extraordinarily positive impact on our environment and all beings. By providing natural food sources from fruit trees, this drive will help retain the natural habitat for wild animals. The team is also collaborating with communities, government/ semi-government organisations or institutions for boosting plantation efforts. Fruit trees will be chosen as per the location, climate and soil condition and those with longevity to last for generations.

“Fruit tree plantation is not just an act of kindness; it is a social responsibility. This plantation is giving the fruits of kindness to the coming generations beyond species. Fill the forests with fruit trees. Plant more fruit trees in and around your city. It brings sweet grace to our lives beyond time” – Mohanji.

The drive had already been kickstarted by Ammucare Charitable Trust earlier this year, with the active support of the Mohanji Foundation. So far, the trust has planted over 15,000 saplings across the country in various states, including Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, New Delhi, Odisha, Jammu & Kashmir, to name a few. The Fruit Tree Plantation Drive has received accolades and acknowledgement from local governments, administration and ministries. The same movement is also being conducted globally by ACT Foundation, a sister organisation of Ammucare founded by Mohanji, with the same objectives.

The livelihoods of millions of people in India, its entire ecosystem and the lives of billions of animals depend on trees and forests. Despite this, as per government data, 14,000 square kilometres of forests have been cleared to make way for thousands of industrial projects over the past 30 years.

In contrast, the environmental impact of planting trees speaks for itself: planting trees is particularly useful in filtering and improving air quality – a mature tree can sequester up to 48 pounds of carbon per year. Restoring forests will improve the lives of the estimated 275 million Indians that depend on them.

In particular, a focus on fruit trees goes over and beyond the regular benefits of afforestation. Animals often come out of the forests due to lack of food and end up being attacked or killed. Fruit trees planted in areas adjacent to forests will provide enough food for various beings of the forest, enhancing their safety.

Planted fruit trees will be the community’s property, and that means additional income to all its members, not just a source of food. This will ensure the availability of free food for everyone, people and animals, for generations to come. The drive aims to make sure that future generations have a world to live in – this begins with planting fruit trees – One Fruit Tree at a Time. Our children, our future are being inspired to participate actively in this drive, with schools in various locations coming forward to join hands.

The organisers have estimated the cost of planting a tree, inclusive of all the protective covers and preparation, at around Rs 1500/ tree, and an additional cost of Rs 4500/tree for nurturing it for the first three years of growth. More details about the drive are available at or via email at

“We invite all the members of our community, both corporate investors and individual supporters, to donate generously and propel our effort to revive and restore forests in India. We will celebrate our donors through the media in various ways. The whole of India should recognise who their true heroes are. Together we can make sure that our future generations have a beautiful world to live in” – Soma Seal, President (Ammucare Charitable Trust).

About Mohanji Foundation: 

Mohanji Foundation is a global non-profit headquartered in Switzerland, with registered non-profit organisations in over 16 countries across five continents and a presence in over 80 countries. The global activities of the Mohanji Foundation are united by a simple motto – Adding Value to the world. Through various methods, practices and programs, Mohanji Foundation works towards transforming individuals and communities by nurturing the universal values of truth, purity, compassion, non-violence, and unconditional love.

About Ammucare Charitable Trust:

Ammucare Charitable Trust is a registered non-profit organisation established in India in 2003. Founded by Mohanji in honour of his late daughter (Ammu), Ammucare provides food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education, and other means of support that empower and uplift the helpless and needy beyond any man-made barriers of religion, caste, race, class or gender. Ammucare operates in over 20 states in India and is powered by a growing team of volunteers united by a common purpose of selfless service.