Traders Union Releases List of Top 5 Best Brokers

London [United Kingdom], August 04 (ANI/PNN): Traders Union has come up with a comprehensive and updated list of the top 5 forex brokers to pay attention to in 2021. The list was compiled after duly analysing the present scenarios, the features offered by the brokers, and crucial factors like trading condition, liquidity, and more.

Traders Union always makes it a point to regularly release detailed and objective ratings of the different forex brokers as both the exact specifics of the financial products offered and the trading conditions tend to alter a lot with time. This is why the forex broker company that is thriving now may not be great in the next quarter.

Traders Union decided to weigh every important factor and then came up with the right kind of rating details for the different forex brokers. They took into account factors like liquidity providers, customer support, trading conditions, banking options, and so on.

After thorough and significant analysis, it was found that FxPro continued to rule the forex market and emerged ahead in this race. One of the key points behind their astounding success has to be the fact that they offer massive leverages in the range of 1:500. They also have several trading instruments too. Their terminals namely MT4 and MT5 are extremely customisable. They have as many as five liquidity providers to choose from too. On top of this, their customer support seems to be one of the very best as well.

Closely following this broker is the XM group. This is also great for novices because one has the provision to start trading with something as little as $5. The company has also managed to bag several awards and has umpteen positive testimonials to their name. One should go for this brand when they are starting new as it is great for newbies venturing in this field.

The Admiral Markets UK knocks at the third position as per the assessment by Traders Union. The standout feature of this company is the fact that they run several programs that aim at protecting their clients from massive mishaps and thereby helping them stay away from any kind of big losses. So, it is a safe haven for those who are keen on forex trading but want to have a safe bet as well.

However, novices need to know that starting with this company might be an expensive affair as the minimum deposit stands at $200. But, it does offer protection against volatility which is a massive plus.

Ava Trade is another platform that comes in at the fourth position and the reason for getting a place in this rating is that it offers a plethora of rich asset selections. It offers MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 that are highly versatile terminals. This is not all as one can also use Zulu Trade and Mirror Trader too. Users will have access to more than 250 assets to pick from and thereby they are a versatile choice.

FXTM comes in at the fifth position and is known for mainly offering beneficial trading conditions and also having endless assets to choose from. One interesting factor is that users can also use cryptocurrency for depositing funds and trade. They also offer a leverage option of 1:2000 when needed and the minimum deposit needed is just $10.

One can understand that the rating has been done to help forex traders understand the kind of platform that will suit them best. Novices need the kind of platform wherein they don’t have to make a hefty investment and they can tread how deep the water is. Similarly, some people are on the lookout for platforms that offer them massive options of asset selection while others may have a preference for safe deals and somewhat secured bets.

This list by Traders Union covers all such platforms and all forex traders can check out the details of each of the platforms and decide the ones they want to stick to. The bottom line remains the fact that the market conditions and even the financial products offered are volatile and prone to changes. So, one should always factor in the existing market scenario.

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