#30DaysAtHomeChallenge by JioFiber is what India needs!

The 30DaysAtHomeChallenge by JioFiber as a movement comes at a time of pressing priority for us to stay at home.

Mumbai,  Maharashtra  [India] :  With COVID-19 cases on the rise again, it is essential for everyone to stay at home. Staying at home & following precaution has been noticed to not being followed by the masses in spite of the surge in the virus cases. Consumers on Twitter spoke about how JioFiber was making them stay at home an easy experience for them.

On further analysis, it is understood that JioFiber found this to be the spark to initiate their movement that is pushing citizens to stay at home for 30 days! Simply by pushing people to be home for 30 days wouldn’t be easy, thus JioFiber launched ‘The 30 Days at Home Challenge’ being aimed at netizens who will showcase how they can spend their time at home. This movement focuses on how an individual can create a social impact & safeguard them and the society with being at home for 30 days.

It was observed to be a common practice to consider staying at home a boring experience but the ‘30 Days At Home Challenge’ by JioFiber pushes people to get creative & participate with their most innovative entries of staying at home. For the challenge, people have to share their entries on Instagram of how they are making the most of the time at home with friends, family, education, fitness & other activities stimulating their creative side. The initiative helps spread the larger cause of staying at home by having 5 more people join the challenge for every activity posted. All in all, this effort from JioFiber & enabling challenges is creating a movement that is making the society we live in a safer place.

Ranging from learning artistry, staying fit, seeking blessings from the divine to making remote working & learning fun, it can be seen that the internet stimulates creativity & innovative living.

The challenge continues to receive interesting participation and can be considered a great way to encourage flattening the curve. The movement focuses on an essential cause that needs larger participation from remote parts of the country. This trend is initiated by JioFiber, which has been providing access to unlimited entertainment with 13 OTT applications and high-speed internet on a 30-day free trial to its users by urging them to stay at home. Isn’t this enough reason for everyone to experience the power of the internet while living in the comfort of one’s home & keeping one safe from the threat of the virus.

Below is a link to view one of the video that stood out as part of the on-going challenge

An artist who learned resin art : https://www.instagram.com/p/CLefLSMqLOr/