Asha Goyal, Founder & Owner of Gupta agencies: making a mark in the manufacturing industry for engines & spare parts

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July 7: One of the well-known names in selling machinery parts and engines has to be Gupta Agencies. Having started out by selling diesel engine and generator manufacturing, today the agency boasts of world-class construction machinery, diesel engine, generator sets, petrol & gasoline engines. Due to the increased demand and boom in the real estate business, the company made the switch accordingly. It also began to include other kinds of machinery and equipment parts manufacturing businesses, giving them the impetus to expand their collaboration to different sectors. Asha Goyal, the founder of Gupta Agencies, knew how to beat the competition by making a visionary investment in the trending technologies and making their products innovative as required by the customer. It is one of the reasons they have been able to sustain their position of being at the top of the manufacturing industry.

Over the years since their agency’s establishment in 1992, Asha Goyal, who is also the founder, worked very hard to ensure the agency’s capability of staking claims not only in the Indian market but also in garnering a stronghold in the overseas regions as well. The firm has pioneered its way into China, US, & UAE markets with sheer tenacity and quality assurance. The Gupta brand has gained worldwide recognition and value with increased demand for its machinery and equipment parts. Their credibility in making flawless engines and spare parts has allowed them to reach out to top brands and be their supplier for years.

Gupta agencies have focussed on keeping their customers satisfied with efficient quality management and on-time delivery. Moreover, they have a dedicated customer helpline 24/7, providing every query and support hassle-free. With a wide outreach in India, they currently have four centres in various parts of India (Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Bangalore, Kota) and three international offices. Asha Goyal has given the Gupta agency the required exposure for it to gain a wider audience and appreciation. In the year 2005, they decided to expand their reach and began exporting their machinery to various parts of the world.

In 2008, Gupta agencies were able to manufacture spare parts for RO system water purifiers and export them to other countries. Slowly and steadily, they have been accomplishing their stronghold in the engine and spare parts manufacturing industry. And this allowed them to gain customer loyalty, and their products got accepted in the market. With their foray into construction machinery in 2010, there was no looking back. Asha Goyal has always been at the forefront to ensure that Gupta agencies gained the right momentum for their brand to be recognized in seven countries of the world, which became a turning point for their business to venture into national and international brands.

When the agency first ventured into making diesel engines, they had no inkling that one day they would be the world’s leading manufacturers and surpass all other competitors. Since they believe in utmost quality, their products are ISO certified and undergo 17 parameter quality checks certification making their equipment one of the best before reaching the actual customer.

Gupta Agencies has more than 1 crore satisfied customers, and numbers are gaining day by day. The popularity of Gupta agencies has risen through social networking, which has worked in their favour, and they don’t require advertising to gain attention.

Currently, Gupta agencies have stocked up on every category ranging from the smallest part of the equipment to even the biggest construction machinery in their latest versions. A customer will find this all under one roof. With their experience in equipment manufacturing over the years, they have understood the requirements of the construction industry fully well. Gupta agencies have started manufacturing concrete mixers and lifts, which are essential for every construction site.

Gupta agency has been able to score big because of their interpersonal equation with dealers and customers. They have maintained an excellent dealer relationship, developing a bond as a partner. Their most significant asset, however, is bringing the latest technology to the fore. It enables them to stay ahead of the competition at all times.


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