6000+ micro-influencers delivered 1 Lakh + New Orders for Domino’s within 9 months via DRIM Platform

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Direct Response Influencer Marketing (DRIM) enables a data-driven approach for working with micro-influencers on the Cost-Per-Acquisition model in India.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], July 5: DRIM, undiscovered in India’s performance marketing channel, helps multiple brands to increase their consumer footfall and bring a specific and measurable change. The tool uses a data-driven approach to work with lakhs of social media micro-influencers on the Cost-Per-Action (Acquisition) model. Domino’s India, India’s largest Pizza chain, witnesses a notable rise in new consumers and reports 1.2 Lakh new orders within 9 months with the help of this tool.

With several SaaS influencer marketing players in the market, DRIM is disrupting the industry with a full-stack performance marketing SaaS solution that leverages the power of machine learning and churns data to convert them into valuable influencer marketing insights. This engagement with the Direct Response Influencer Marketing (DRIM) platform sets the stage for the new performance marketing channel – working with micro-influencers on the Cost-Per-Action.

Talking about the DRIM data-driven approach Arif Ehsan, Head of Digital Marketing at Domino’s Pizza in India, says“DRIM launched the influencer marketing campaign very swiftly while negotiating with bloggers, onboarding them, managing publications, and handling payments. Unlike other SaaS solutions, DRIM has been operating the full-stack solution very easily without a lot of technical expertise.”

The influencer marketing industry is set to cross 2,200 crores by 2025 and is already worth over 250 crores in 2022. While D2C brands have shifted their focus to influencer marketing from conventional marketing, they have also understood that large influencers with a humongous follower base are no longer the way to go. The focus is now on nano and micro-influencers with less than 30,000 followers who are more engaged with their audience.

In partnership with several e-commerce players, food tech, fintech, and D2C brands, DRIM is solving some of the most common challenges faced by brands that are trying to leverage influencer marketing ROI and effectiveness. Fake influencers, inactive audiences, exorbitant pricing by influencers, and poor campaign execution can put a brand in a bad light, and here, DRIM plays a crucial role by providing authentic and effective channels to promote the brand.

About the Initiative: DRIM is a combination of Saas and a new approach to marketing that leverages powerful and accumulated analytics to identify the best converting segments and highest performing bloggers to produce high marketing returns for brands. This scalable marketing channel deploys a core marketing team, 500+ influencer talent managers, a project management team and a powerful algorithm that executes influencer marketing campaigns from start to end. Get in touch to know more about DRIM and how it can help increase the awareness and conversions for your brand through https://drim.one/contacts  or email ya@drim.one.

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