Love your skin? Get a touch of love for your skin with ARM Pearl Fairness beauty

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May 2: ARM Pearl Fairness beauty provides a one-of-a-kind, professionally curated skincare line with products that address the particular needs of the skin. Their dermatologically verified and safe products are driven by active chemicals and pure extracts from natural substances, giving users the best blend of nature and science. These effective solutions are powered by remarkable ‘actives’ extracted from biological elements and proven to perform miracles on the skin in mild, non-toxic ways.

Flagship product

ARM Pearl Whitening Night Cream performs continuously to regenerate and repair skin cells, transforming dull, pigmented skin with anti-aging technology.

This lovely night cream helps make the skin firm and supple by enhancing your skin by almost two times thanks to the active components. Wrinkles will be considerably reduced and the key constituent inhibits Melanin formation in your skin, successfully reducing dark spots and pigmentation after a few weeks of usage. The night skin cream also enhances skin tone and helps to manage skin discolouration. The vitamins derived from pearls reduce inflammation and restore skin that has been affected by the environment. Vitamin E and antioxidants both moisturise and improve skin texture.

Other notable inclusions in the line up include lip care products to give you supple and radiant pink lips as well as a plethora of wellness, haircare and tan removal products.


ARM Pearl Fairness Beauty was established in 2007 with the aim to offer careful customer quality, originality, and affordability in equal measure. ARM Pearl Fairness beauty creators and promoters are all well-known, experienced, and well-respected individuals in the retail industries.

What distinguishes ARM Pearl Fairness beauty is its founders’ hands-on and vast experience in founding, expanding, and launching successful solutions over and again. Given their different professional experiences and understanding of the global and Indian market and trends, the founders collaborated to create a consumer-facing personal care brand with a distinct proposition. The proposition comprises a unique blending of high quality and highly effective active ingredients derived from botanicals and high-performance natural ingredient extracts that blend effortlessly to create personalized care beauty products that are proven to work. An essential and critical component of all ARM Pearl Fairness beauty products is that they are treated to the highest standards of quality and are devoid of any harmful ingredients.

As per the comments from the company, the director notes, “It took us years of study to get the formulas and products just right. We conducted extensive market research and discovered a unique requirement gap. Consumers want science-based solutions, but they also want natural and safe components. Our goods are an excellent combination of the two ranges. We understand the power of nature and science, which is why we created ARM Pearl Fairness Beauty – Where Science Embraces Nature. Our powerful solutions are powered by a variety of potent ‘actives’ taken from natural resources and guaranteed to work miracles on the skin in the most delicate and healthy way.”

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