Simpliv Learning Expands to More than 5500+ Courses a Year

Shahanshah Manzoor, Founder and Managing Director, Simpliv LLC

Simpliv Learning making education accessible and universal across all segments of the community

December 13: Today, at the helm of more than 4200+ industry experts offering 5500+ courses across 200+ categories for elite clientele from across the world, Simpliv Learning’s accessible services and universal are here to change the face of learning and teaching for the better.

It would be an understatement to say that technology has penetrated our lives for the good. All around us, we see different life practices getting heavily impacted by the prowess of technology and the power of the internet, including conventional avenues of entertainment, healthcare, retail, travel, and even education. The pandemic has made this point even clearer than before, with EdTech having assumed majestic proportions in our daily lives.

This is the very basis of Simpliv Learning, a vibrant and highly diversified online learning marketplace that is on a mission to ensure Education for All. Its founder, Shahanshah Manzoor, having worked as a professional and entrepreneur himself for over 15 years, wishes to spread awareness on the significance of skill-centric learning that goes a long way in shaping talents and careers.

Simplified Learning with Simpliv

True to its unique name, Simpliv Learning has simplified both access to and application of EdTech across verticals of management, technology, life sciences, and other areas of interest. Based out of Fremont in California, USA, Simpliv is led by its charismatic and highly motivated founder, who believes in the power good learning experiences can have on the potential of learners.

“Our elders often say, learning has no limits and hence no boundaries. Simpliv Learning is helping get rid of these constraints once and for all through an inclusive approach, thus bringing learning to any person who wants to learn.”

The platform has empaneled expert instructors touching every field you can imagine while allowing learners to interact and learn from them directly. The ever-evolving and highly competitive world of today demands an in-depth understanding of the subject you wish to excel in, and this clarity comes only with quality education, according to Manzoor. This is why Simpliv Learning focuses more on the development of a dynamic setup of learning, with a reinvented educational landscape to impact the learner’s mind directly. The brand also occasionally collaborates with the global education community, including expert trained instructors and innovative technologies to accomplish its goal of universality and quality.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions for Long-Term Success

Simpliv Learning is much more than a mere online learning portal though. At the crux of the venture is the deeper vision of Education for All, which is why the one-of-a-kind platform offers professional designed, cost-effective courses by expert instructors and leveraging innovative technologies.

“When I started my career as a software professional in a tech-based business enterprise,” shares Manzoor, “that is when I realized the significance of quality learning resources, which we lacked at that time. With time, this need has grown exponentially, and the population now needs greater exposure to skills and training in their respective fields.”

“Come to think of it, and education is one true empowerment an individual can be blessed with,” remarks Manzoor. “What we are doing at Simpliv Learning is simply bringing the basics together to give this conventional industry a new face, based on inclusive principles of equal treatment for all and the universality of learnings.”

The intention behind establishing a platform like Simpliv Learning had always been to be able to fill those gaps that had been left unattended to for a long time in professions such as IT, Marketing, and Business Development, all of which demand constant learning and up-gradation on the go. Simpliv’s student, professional and learner-centric interface is truly revolutionary, and as the company embarks on its mission to cater to millions across the globe, it is still keeping approachability and interaction as its top priorities.