Amity Career Fest 2021 – A Unique Upskilling Initiative with an Overwhelming Response despite Ongoing Pandemic

New Delhi [India], June 18: India’s biggest Career fest 2021 reached out to over 10 million people across domains. In a month-long fest, over 1 lakh professionals participated to make it a resounding success. This one of its kind initiative focused on bringing employment opportunities for Amity Online students while on the other hand extending the opportunity to measure the skill set required to succeed in particular career paths.

Ajit Chauhan, Chairman, Amity University Online and Amity Future Academy stated, “Around 65,000 professionals tested their skillsets through the unique ‘India ka Skill Test’ covering domains like Machine Learning, Management, Marketing, Cyber Security, Technology, Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Product, Entrepreneurship, among others.

Over 50,000 certificates were issued to these participants along with the opportunity to get scholarships on Specialised International programs from Amity Future Academy.”

Career Fest 2021, by Amity University Online, revolved around two prime segments Virtual Job Fair and India Ka Skill Test. Both events aimed to create opportunities to train candidates and offer job opportunities for fresh Amity graduates and betterment options to Amity Alumni. Creating awareness among candidates regarding the importance of upskilling via LinkedIn Live Sessions and various workshops was another aim of the Career Fest 2021.

Overall, the month-long fest received an overwhelming response and created a positive impact on more than 10 million individuals.

India Ka Skill Test received a great response from students pan India

Amity Career Fest 2021 hosted two events Amity Job Fair and India Ka Skill Test. The skill test steered to improve employability by assisting students all over India to evaluate their skills and helped students to understand the importance of upskilling.

The skill test open for students all over India received an overwhelming response since day one. More than 65,000 candidates participated in India Ka Skill Test from which 33% were female test takers and 67% male test-takers. Over 1000 candidates also expressed their interest in enrolling for AFA programs.


Most students ended up getting between 4 to 7 marks out of ten. These test scores indicated that most candidates have a fundamental knowledge of their respective subjects. However, to sustain and move up in the competitive world, they still need to upskill.

Candidates received completion certificates from Amity. The test also offered scholarships for test takers up to $100,000. Depending on test results, candidates received admission to Amity University Online and Amity Future Academy via scholarship. Test takers also received free access to more than 1000+ Amity courses.

These tests helped students seeking potential employment by highlighting upskilling areas essential for each candidate. It helped candidates study a specific course required for their upskilling rather than learning as per recent trends.

Virtual Job Fair

The job fair held for Amity Online students was a virtual mega event, one of a kind in India aimed towards ensuring employment despite the ongoing pandemic. With their online hiring portal, Amity offered a unique experience for candidates similar to typical interview processes. The virtual platform where ‘talents met opportunities’ offered a zero-cost registration process for Amity and Amity University Online alumni.

Candidates were hired virtually, in eight hours, right from registration, candidate shortlisting based on qualification, and video-based interviews. The job fair offered 4,500+ job vacancies pan India. Esteemed organizations like KSK Business Consulting, Bajaj Capital, Bhutani group, Ergode IT services, among others, hired candidates across India. Doorstep job opportunities were available in FMCG, BPO, Retail, IT, BFSI, ITES, LPO, Telecom, Hospitality, and other industry sectors.

Other highlights of Career Fest 2021

Apart from these two prominent events of Career Fest 2021 by Amity University Online and Amity Future Academy, other highlights also included upskilling workshops and career guidance sessions by esteemed speakers.

Resume Writing and Interview Skills workshops helped students to prepare for job interviews. These insights guided students for the virtual job fairs held throughout the career fest. 65 % of learners attending these workshops were freshers while 27% of candidates had more than 10 years of experience.

Live Sessions by Amity experts focused on top upskilling trends in Data Science, PM & UX, Cyber Security, and others.

Another hit of the Career Fest was the LinkedIn Live Sessions – Skillify. Speakers from different industrial domains offered current industrial insights to candidates and helped them understand recent employment trends.


Career Fest 2021 was a stand-out event by Amity University Online that helped candidates to achieve success in their desired field. The unique segments of the fest offered candidates opportunities to learn recent market trends and extended guidance to become world leaders. Overall, the event had a successful outcome as more than 1000 plus students expressed interest in learning via Amity Online’s professional programs. Amity University Online is dedicated to providing support and guidance for candidates seeking upskilling opportunities with their extensive internationally recognized online programs. With such successful outcomes during the first edition itself, Amity University Online and Amity Future Academy are looking forward to organizing these events in the future with more lucrative segments.